March 10, 2016

Vision & Mission


Modernity Blends with Culture & Traditions

Supreme emphasis is laid on providing the best and sophisticated learning environment coupled with Indian heritage, value system and Sanskars. The guiding principle of the institute is “Where modernity blends with Culture & traditions”.

providing the best college atmosphere in agra                  offered courses-BBA MBA BCA

Teaching methodology is contemporary which keeps the students and the staff abreast with the ever-changing scenario in the educational arena along with a fine blend of traditional Indian ethics and value systems. Tradition gives us ethics and values and modernity gives us opportunity to apply those values to move ahead and make our mark. The academic and cultural activities at our institution provide a platform where all students come together and explore the individual and group talents and resources. The faculty and management possess a high degree of integrity and knowledge that churns the students into efficient and effective human beings. Hence we say: “We nurture talent”

To the best in today’s world, being adept in one area will not suffice. One has to be familiar with other domains too. Our campus run programs on various streams like Management (MBA,BBA), Communication, Biotechnology, Hotel Management and IT (BCA). Such an atmosphere helps student to share knowledge between different fields of study and gives them a network of life long friends from various fields rather than just one in which they are studying.

Mission Statement

Dr MPS Memorial College of Business Studies and Hotel management is dedicated to excellence in higher education through the provision of programs leading to nationally recognized awards and is committed to ensuring that its students are afforded the opportunity to develop their full potential in a professional and supportive environment.

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Dr. MPS College is also committed to provide the best research and to enterprise related activities, which assist the development of our Agra region and is dedicated to advancing the educational, cultural, social and economic development of the wider community.