April 7, 2016


What is PGDMA / GDMA

Today the corporate world is having its own parameters to give entry to new professionals. The employers of the modern industry are looking for certain skills and qualities which are not possible to inculcate through a normal curriculum. Therefore, the PGDMA / GDMA course has been specifically designed by our management experts to induce “LIFE SKILLS” needed to succeed in today’s corporate world. The results are positive enough to describe. In other words it can be stated that our students will be streamlined through professional studies.

A unique in house course provided to students without any additional cost

In Addition to the Master and Bachelor programme, the College of Business Studies offers a full time Post Graduate/Graduate Diploma in Management Applications simultaneously. This course is offered without any extra cost and is a full proof solution to the requirement of the industry. Normal curriculum of a University does not include specific module for development of personality, communication and life skills, PGDMA / GDMA with a very aggressive methodology and practical oriented approach gives an edge to the students of our college.


Highlights of Programme

  • Bridge between industry’s requirement and present education system.
  • Students shall be getting a unique opportunity to learn their syllabi by simultaneously practising the same in real industry working condition.
  • Candidate have better career opportunities.
  • Focus on developing & strengthening knowledge and skills as required by the industry.
  • Help students to understand the working methods and skills, which give them competitive edge in the future.
  • More Confidence in facing challenges and decision making abilities in complex situation.